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How to collect tomatoes and strawberries in Farming?

In addition to sowing and harvesting with agricultural machinery, you can also play a gardener who will take care of his fruit garden. To do this, open the construction screen and go to the greenhouse category to build the first.

Prices are not high, so it is worth buying two, or even three big greenhouses, in which more fruits fit. After purchasing them, go inside them and go to the control screen. Here you can easily and nice to choose the product you want to create.

You can choose from lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes. Choose those that you will be most useful for production chains or those for which sellers in their stores are able to pay the most. It is already worth mentioning that if you combine the greenhouses with trade, it is worth seeing to Salat. The most important thing is that the greenhouse "worked" needs to provide plants with water. If you do not know how to do it, I send you to this link, where a step by step is explained how to get water.

Holding him into the blue container from the greenhouse, you need to wait some time until the fruits are ready for harvest. You do not have to collect them manually, because the finished products will fold on the pallets before the greenhouse. They are enough to assemble - even if you manually - and put, for example, on a car box to transport to another, safe place. You will also need a press chief, thanks to which you can create bales of hay / grass / straw, which can then be used to feed animals or just for sale. Pay attention only to in what form the tool in question creates bales - a lump or cylindrical. The latter, if you do not have the appropriate tools, then it is difficult to place on the trailers. In addition, these most expensive presses are able to wrap bales immediately into the film, which gives us fermentation and silage.

In order to be able to jump into the saddle on the back of his four-legged friend, you must first build a stable, which can be found on the construction screen in the category "Animals - Horses". Then buy any horse, interacting with the paw icon near the stable. When you have a Mount, you can sit on it, going to it and pressing the "E" key. Pressing w or s, you set the speed with which you will move (you do not need to hold one of these buttons to move).

Mounts are an interesting game whose amount will allow you to get to the most difficult accessible points on the map. However, remember that you can not carry any items with you, and if you tear from a horse outside the farm, it will be automatically transferred to the stable. Therefore, if you want to arrange some things in the city - it is necessary to use proven modes of transport, and the services of a horse to use only recreation. The project offers various types of transport. In addition to all sorts of tractors, trucks and pickups, you can also use the Mount. Best forex trading beginner guide ever.


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