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Mathematical sports betting strategies

Strategies can help you choose the right betting amount and find the valuation multipliers. By using mathematical analysis of sports betting and models, you can find indicators such as shots on goal, number of corners, number of fouls, yellow and red cards, ratio of chances realised, etc. with a certain degree of probability.

Financial strategies help you manage your bankroll and risks, they correctly allocate money between bets, thereby preventing high risks.

A 100% return is not guaranteed, but without effective money management it is difficult to succeed in the game with a bookmaker.

Examples of mathematical sports betting strategies

Below we detail the characteristics of each of the above techniques.

D'Alamber Strategy

A strategy named after a famous 18th century French scientist and originally used by casino players. The bettor's actions should be characterised by the following two rules:

The bettor sets the value of the minimum cash investment - for example, $5, $10 or $20. If the player loses, he increases the bet size by this unit, and if he wins, he decreases it by one unit.
The minimum event odds should be 2.00.
To illustrate the strategy, consider the following example. We take as one unit an amount of 5€. In this case we have the following chain:

Bet 5 € on P2 between Paderborn and Cologne for 2.18. Result: loss. Balance: -5€.
The betting amount is then increased to 10 €. We are interested in a P1 game between Eintracht and Borussia Mönchengladbach for 2.9. Bottom line: loss. Balance: - 15 €.
Again we increase the step up to €15. In the meeting of "Werder - "Bayer" we pick P1 for 3.76. Result: victory. Balance: 41.4€.
Next time we risk €10 again, etc.
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