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Untrant credit

The word "loan" in the ordinary consumer causes the most controversial feelings: from pleasure from the possibility to afford to acquire the necessary goods and services, without exposing the family budget to serious tests, to a sharp rejection of "life in debt". Of course, the realities of life are that the purchase of an apartment, houses or cars, as they say "for one salary" is not possible, however, consumer lending to small amounts has its advantages.

First, fast, from 10 to 30 minutes, the loan design procedure and the minimum list of necessary documents. A positive decision is made on the basis of information provided by future borrowers. Although, documentary confirmation of the size of wages, the location of the borrower and the composition of the family bank employees do not require, but they can easily check out these data by calling the contact numbers that the client leaves. The size of the credit limit depends on the cumulative income of the borrower and his family members.

Secondly, when this type of loan is not required, a guarantor and a collateral contract for movable or immovable property is not required. The transaction insurance also does not always have a prerequisite for the provision of a loan.

Thirdly, to obtain a consumer loan, for example, the acquisition of household appliances it is not necessary to go to the bank, in most outlets there are representatives of the financial institution, which will issue a target loan without cashing.

Fourthly, a loan for a small amount is also taken into account in credit history, and with timely repayment makes it possible to qualify for increasing the limit in the next approach for the loan.

Fifth, when making a loan for consumer purposes, banks try to translate each new client to the rank of permanent. To do this, it is offered to design a plastic card with a specific limit to obtain a loan, discounts and accrual of bonuses when using cards for payment of goods and services in retail stores through post-terminals or online stores. The peculiarity of such credit cards is the use of money without interest accrual during the reduced period.

Sixth, inflation leads to an increase in prices for goods and services, but consumer lending agreement, as a rule, does not provide for the recalculation of a loan or individual payments, so the final cost of the loan may be less than the cost of goods at the time of its repayment, even taking into account interest rates on Loan.

Any loan is sooner or later to return, which is why many consumers try to avoid dependence on creditors. However, the prudence and correct assessment of their financial capabilities can turn a loan from monetary cable into a reliable spare money source in case of unforeseen circumstances. Custom cakes to order on Tort Expert around the world!


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